Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The 'List'

As every avid wargamer out there will know, we have a tendancy to collect not only miniatures, but entire game systems!! Some are fads, not lasting much more than a couple of games, while others stay close to our hearts throughout our entire gaming career...but eventually we all end up playing another system at some point.

So, I thought it would be prudent to show what game systems I currently, previously or rarely play at this moment in time. Here we go:

- Warhammer 40,000 (Marines / Tau / Deamonhunters)
- Warhammer Fantasy (High Elves)
- Epic 40,000 (Marines / Titan Legion)
- Necromunda (Not played...but will soon be making an Enforcer Team)
- Warmachine / Hordes (Menoth / Circle)
- Flames of War (Germans)
- Uncharted Seas (Elves)
- Firestorm Armarda (Making my own Raider Fleet)
- Infinity (Yu Jing)
- Rules of Engagement (Paras)
- Heavy Gear (North - Nova Redriders)
- Babylon 5 (Not played this for some time! - ISA White Star Fleet)
- Blood Bowl (Human Team)
- Dark Heresy (RP)

I think that currently sums up the majority of the game systems I've played in my life. The problem I have with most of these systems is quite common...I don't have a single fully painted army / fleet / team for any of them! Some have been undercoated, some have been partially painted (ie basecoated) and some even have the odd miniature painted, but for the most part they are severly lacking!

So, onto my "plan". As I have mentioned before, this blog is intended to give me some kind of incentive to get some of the above armies painted. I've decided to start with the most game systems I play the most and then hopefully work up from there.

The armies I intend to get done (I can already hear laughter from many of my friends at this point) are as follows:

- Warhammer 40,000 : Celestial Dragons Space Marines. This is a chapter of my own creation that is based upon the Space Wolves Codex. I am supposed to be building this up as part of the Leicester Phat Cats 'Tale of X-Gamers' campaign (more on this in another post).

- Warmachine : Protectorate of Menoth. I've got a few miniatures for this army, and after my recent trip to the UK Masters in support of 'The Tyrants' (see The Anarchy of Anton for a great write up on this event) I now have the urge to create a larger list and to get it painted. Bone/white is already making me nervous lol!

- Flames of War : German SS Panzerkompanie. I've yet to completely decide on which varient of this army I intend to use more permenantly, but as any of you that know me will be aware, which ever I collect the army will have tanks in it!

- Firestorm Armarda : Raider Fleet. Now, we've not started this too long ago, but people seem to be getting quite fired up about the system. I've even created my own fleet using miniatures by Ground Zero Games...and they're mostly painted!!

For each of these I will try and put up a blog that shows my ideas, lists, what I've built and what I've painted. When I can, I'll try and keep each post as a 'Work in Progress'...but sometimes I forget to take pics!

Now, I think that is probabaly more than enough of a challenge for myself to get done. Especially for an idle painter like myself. Fingers crossed!!

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