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'The Seige of Terra' - Tempus Fugitives Campaign Weekend

Hello again (I know it's been a while!)

*I best warn you, this is fairly long!*

A few weekends ago...3 maybe 4...I took a trip upto Nottingham to Warhammer World to not only order some new bits from Forge World for my up and coming Space Marine army (more on that at another time) but to also check out the 'pre-heresy' campaign weekend that I'd heard about while following another blog over at the 'my wargame' team (check it out here). This weekend was called 'The Seige on Terra' and was organised and run by a GCN Club called the Tempus Fugitives.

My first impressions when I first arrived were how busy the gaming hall was....and as it turned out, pretty much all but one of the tables there was being used as part of the campaign!! If you've ever been to Warhammer World, you'll know that that is a LOT of gaming tables! If my memory serves me correctly, about 120 people took part over the weekend.

To give you an idea of what this campaign was about, the clue is in the title! haha! For those of you that know their 40k background, this campaign was themed around the final moments of the Horus Heresy as the forces of chaos laid seige to the Emperors Palace. This meant that the current codexes were a little out of whack and so the Fugitives had created an excellent set of rules and army lists to allow players to have Primarchs, Custodes, Sisters of Silence and all the other bits and peices that the Mechanicum have since 'forgotten' how to make.

Once id ordered my bits in the shop, I took some time to have a look around and check out some of the armies. Luckily they were on a break of sorts so most of the armies were out on op time!! Below are some of the pics I thought showed off some of the best conversions of the day (apologies if the quality isn't great...I was using the camera on my phone!):

Adeptus Custodes Jetbikes: These jumped stright out at me! I've seen the jetbike conversion before, but never really thought that much of it, however, with the addition of the new Blood Angel jump pack wings, I thought these really looked the part!
Adeptus Custodes Marine: From what I saw on the day, these were the best examples of the Custodes. It looked like the fella used the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard for the most part, but I've yet to figure out what he used as the legs. (Sorry about the lack of focus!)

White Scars Terminators: Personally I think these are some of the best examples of 'pre-heresy' terminators I've seen...but they couldn't of come cheap!! First off is the assualt squad, each wearing the Chaos Terminator Lord lightning claws. Ouch. Then they're all wearing Maxmini shoulder pads (a site that seems to do great bits for conversions). And the last item of note...the armoured head from the Sergeant Chronus character for the marines. Big ouch! Still, very nice ;-) It was just a shame they hadn't been painted to completion...but then I suppose they are 'white' scars! lol!

Emperors Children Primarch Fulgrim: These one's were mainly for Ant lol Both are quite nice conversions, however I was unable to get a pic of my fave (which used the tail from a Trygon!!) as it was hiding in the middle of an enermous cities of death board!

World Eater Terminators: These were also nice examples of 'pre-heresy' style terminators...especially for those with a slightly smaller budget than the guy with the White Scars! For those with a keen eye out there, you'll notice these have been done using shoulder pads from the Cryx Bane Knights or Thralls (not sure which) from the Warmachine game system. Thought they were painted really well, and I'm pretty sure I've seen this army before somewhere. Like the use of the chain-halberds...very fitting! Now for something 'old school' for those of you as old as me lol :

Space Crusade Dreadnought!! (oh and did you also notice the Land Raider in the previous pic ;-)

Moving on....the following weren't really anything pre-heresy as the Fugitives had allowed for some people to take part using current army choices as well as armies such as Orks and Eldar. I just thought these were really nicely painted (Sanguinary Guard) and some nice ideas for a 'Farseer' and 'Avatar' wraithlords:

The games soon started getting back into full swing, so pic taking became a bit awkward. Something that I soon noticed was how well this event was being run. The guys at Tempus Fugitives really know how to do an impressive campaign weekend...even the book everybody got in the pack was nice and glossy! I ended up having a quick chat with some of the guys from the club, and they were pretty cool and very enthusiastic about the whole thing (no surprises there!). As it turned out, this was actually "Part 2" of the campaign, so hopefully i'll get the chance to go along to their final weekend!

I wasn't able to hang around to find out what the final outcome of the day was, but as the weekend was more about having a good time, I doubt anybody really cared! lol

Oh...and I couldn't finish this write up of my visit without the following pic:

Imperator Titan!!

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  1. Hi,

    I totally love these White Scars terminators, and I'm totally going to copy the idea. I've been trying to figure out what was the base model for the conversion? Is it a normal terminator with all the raised detail scraped off? If so, then how did they make the raised collar?

    Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!